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Hello!! I am Lisa. I am from japan.
I love traveling the world because it was fun to learn diffrent culture and values.
I learned a lot of things through travel.
I have been to 28 countries.
(Cuba, Mexico, The US including Hawaii saipan guam, Russia, The UK, Taiwan, Macau, Malta, Korea, China, Thailand, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Turkish, Vietnam, UAE, Oman,Switzerland, Qatar, Singapore,Greece,Spain,Philippine)
I stayed in the  US (Utah and Florida) and Malta to study English. (currently,I am studying German.)
I work in the global conpany after graduation and visited only China on business trip.
For your reference, I hope you read this blog and use it for future opotunity and travel.
If you are worried about someting, please think out of the box. World is wide…there are  some places accept who you are.
My motto is to think grobally, act localy, be open-minded and think out box. If you are interested, Please read it haha.


私のモットーは、think grobally, act localy, be open-mindid and think out boxかな。
それにもし何かに悩んでる人がいたら、世界は広いから別に日本や自分の育った場所の考え方にとらわれずに過ごしてほしいと思って… 。興味があれば、覗いてみてください😊