海外を好きになった理由 / Reason to like traveling abroad

父親の影響/My dad


でも幼いころからいろんな国の話をしてくれて、お土産もたくさん買ってくれた。家には海外の雑誌がたくさんあって(飛行機でもらうやつ笑) いつしか私も行ってみたいと思っていたのかもしれない。

There are a lot of reason why I love traveling abroad probably, I think reason is the influence of parents and the surroundings of elementary and junior high scool.

My father often went abroad on business trip when I was a child. Therefore I did not remember the time I went out with him but He often told me how beautiful other countries were and gave me a sovenior after coming back.

Maybe I wanted to go abroad someday.


幼いころの周りの環境/ surroundings 




I went to a English lesson when I was a child, and had a oppotunity to meet some people from other countries. ( But this is not the reason why I can speak English haha)

In addition, I had some class mates from foreign countries and I was interested in othere culture and food.

I have loved traveling since I was a university student. Before then I went to only saipan and Hawaii with my family. I appreciated my parents took me foreign countries and gave me a oppotunity to see different culture.

I made the following album when I was a child.



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