シンガポールおすすめアクティビティと観光地 / My favorite activity in Singapore.

大好きな国シンガポール/ One of my favorite countries , Shingapore.







When I was a university student, I visited Shingapore. This travel made me love to travel.

People of various races live, so nobody care where I am from and who I am.

Security is also very good.

Shingapore is not too big city but not too countryside. It was confortable for me to stay this country.

I hope to visit it again.







それは…..セントーサ島にあるMegazip。私は、絶叫苦手なんだけど、(少し高所恐怖症でもある) このアクティビティは本当に楽しかった。から是非おすすめしたい。




I recommend you my favorite activity in Sentosa island.

This is Megazip. I hate thrill ride but I enjoyed it.

I went down with a rope from the top of the mountain and I felt refreshed !!

Before going down, I was scared …. but I wanted to try that again after finishing it.

If you have time, please try it because I did not have to make a reservasion in advance when I visited.

The beach was not so clear but you can enjoy with your family, friends, boyfriend and girlfriend due to a lot of show, amusement park such as universal and aqualium.


おすすめ観光地2選 / Favorite places


I introduce recommended places.

クラークキー  /  Clarke Quay








Recommended spots for the night. There are a lot of restauramt, bar and night club.

Security is good. Therefore, if you go back your accomodation by Taxi, you can enjoy night life.

The view from boat was terrific ! I have been to a lot of city before like new york, macau, Lasvegas…. But I prefer night view of Shingapore.

It is normal to see a nice view from the high building or mountain but It was also good to see a night view from below like when I took a boat.


アラブ街 / Arabian street









Shingapore has various cultures so I felt traveling a lot of countries at same time when I visited china town and Indian town.

I liked Arabian town the best of all.

There is a small shop which sells perfume bottle. It was a lots kind of perfume bottle  so you can fine your faverite one.

I bought the following bottole.










A lot of people speak English.  Many students study various languages…..

I had a nice conversation with local people and she said there is no kitchen in her house because it is noemal to buy some food in food stall.

I learned a lot of things and inspires by visiting Shingapore. .. I felt confortable at same time.

I loved with  shingapore and diffrent culture when I stayed there and this memory still keep me traveling to see a lot of values.




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